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This article is all about a worldwide trend. The so called Fusion Food! This trend can also be called fusion cuisine, mashup food or crossover kitchen. So what is Fusion Food all about and what kind of food is it?

What exactly is Fusion Food?
The phrase Fusion Food first developed in the 80’s and it describes the mix of different foods from different cultures that’s why it is called fusion. We discovered this cuisine in an Asian fusion restaurant in Berlin last week and just found it really inspiring. When it comes to Fusion Food there are no rules. The only thing needed is a little knowledge about the harmony of different flavours and herbs from different countries. This kind of food will awake the child in you again as the combination of different flavours, like Spanish tapas with Asian spices, just stimulates your senses. Fusion Food is all about not sticking to the recipes you know it is more about getting carried away with some new flavours. Make sure that you check out fusion restaurants near you!

Some examples for Fusion Food
Well talking about Fusion Food we can talk about several different kind of cuisines. The famous German “Currywurst” for example is a mix between the German sausage, American ketchup and Indian Curry this already is a nice example for Fusion Food. Also the well known Tex – Mex is a fusion of Mexican food with food from Texas. Tapas are mixed with Indian or Asian herbs and inspirations in a lot of fusion restaurants. You see there are simply no rules and that is what makes Fusion Food so exciting. If you want, try to boil muscles in coconut milk and some nice Thai spices this is just perfect fusion food!

Give it a shot!
With this little article we simply wanted to inspire you to widen you horizon when it comes to food and the combination of herbs. Food, especially the different cuisines can just have so many different facets that it is worth a try! Especially the Mexican and Asian cuisine is perfect to combine with European cuisines like the German or French one. In case you give it a shot hit us in the comment section for some great inspiration!

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