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We all know about those problems where you just lag motivation. There is that certain goal you have but you just can’t reach it. Loosing some weight, writing that final exam or just planning a legendary party for your friends. Everyone knows about it that’s why we bring you 2 motivation strategies that will make sure you can face the problem properly and reach your goals with the right amount of motivation.

2 Effective Motivation Strategies

Strategy 1: WOOP
This method to get you motivated again is perfect to show you all possible obstacles and to make sure you know about the steps to take to get you motivated! It is divided into 4 parts. You need to write down those for parts every day until you reached your goal. This way you make sure to always revise on possible dangers and what to do about it!
1. Wish: At first write down your wish. Write down what you wish your body to look like or even just what to do during your first week at work.
2. Outcome: In this step you will need to write down what you want to reach. What do you want your life to look like and why!
3. Obstacles: This is the part where it gets tricky. Every day write down what can draw you back from reaching your goal. By doing so you will always see what you need to look out for and maybe can find out what to do about it.
4. Plan: After writing down your wish and possible things to go wrong you can start planning. Write down how you can achieve what you aim for. Write it down every day to make sure you know which steps to take!

Strategy 2: SWOT
This strategy originates from management psychology. It aims to show you what you are capable of and what you need to improve. This method is also divided into 4 parts.
1. Strengths: Write down what your strengths are! Everything about you from physical to psychological strengths. Look at it and be aware of every single strength!
2. Weaknesses: You should know about your weaknesses! They are part of you and can hold you back from reaching your goals. By writing them down you will realize that they are part of your and must be fought!
3. Opportunities: What are your chances when reaching your goals. Are there other opportunities that you can reach?
4. Threads: There can be things that will draw you back. Those things are important to know about so you can avoid them!
With the SWOT – Analysis you can draw a pattern. After writing down all the 4 parts you can compare them and see if your strengths can overcome your weaknesses and how you can use them

What to keep in mind!
We are aware of the fact that it can be hard to get motivated that’s why you should always push yourself with some little strategies! At first always reward yourself for reaching your goals! This will let you feel the success even more! Secondly, plan your day! Always put structure in your day to find enough time to reach your goals! This will make you feel better at the end of the day and you can relax after some hard work! At last, write down everything you need to! When writing down your goals and what to do about it you can always come back to it and restart your engine!

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