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We already told you heaps about fitness in general. Today we want to tell you something about cooking. The Perfect Risotto is the title of this article in which we will show you how to cook the perfect risotto as it can be challenging for some beginners!

The best rice for The Perfect Risotto!
There are three different kinds of rice to make a risotto. The most famous one is, of course, Arborio. This type of rice is commonly used to make a risotto as it is the best type of rice to quickly prepare a risotto. Secondly there is a rice called Carnaroli which originates from Italy and has a beautiful and creamy texture. The last one is a rice called Vialone. You can get this type of rice in special Italian supermarkets. The best thing about this rice is the quick time to cook this rice, it is only about 14 minutes.

The ingredients for The Perfect Risotto
7 ingredients are essential for the perfect risotto. Onions, garlic, risotto rice, white wine, veggie stock, parmesan and butter are the most important ingredients for a standard risotto. Don’t aim to boil the risotto in an expensive white wine, cheap wine is already for a risotto. Make sure you use fresh veggie stock. Shallots are the best onions to use for a risotto as they have a really nice flavour.

The preparation for The Perfect Risotto
Preparation is everything in terms of the perfect risotto. Make sure you grate the parmesan beforehand. Dice the garlic and the onion. And don’t forget to warm up the veggie stock in a separate pot as the stock needs to be warm to not spoil the rice grain.

The actual cooking of The Perfect Risotto
Start to sweat the garlic and the onion in a pot on low heat. You can either use butter or olive oil for that.
Tip: The olive oil doesn’t tend to burn as quick as the butter. This process can take up to 8 minutes since the onions and the garlic shall not get dark, the only aim is to get them nice and soft. This way you make sure that the right flavours come to your risotto!
Afterwards add the rice. Increase the heat to high and give everything a nice stir. Add the white wine and keep stirring until the alcohol dissolved. By time the steam over the pot is gone this step is done.
Now it is getting serious. Gradually start to pour a little of the veggie stock into the risotto and wait until the rice absorbed the stock. Lower the heat to medium and repeat that step until the rice has the right consistency. The time for a usual risotto to absorb the veggie stock varies between 14 and 18 minutes. Never stop stirring as this move makes sure that the risotto is nice and creamy. In terms of timing it really depends on how you like your rice. Usually people enjoy their risotto al dente meaning that it is still a little hard in the core of the grain.
By time you get the right consistency take the pot from the heat and add the parmesan and the butter. Stir it again until everything mixed up properly.

The different forms of The Perfect Risotto
By time you figured out how to make The Perfect Risotto there are hundreds of forms of risotto. You can, for example, add some pesto or saffron at the end of the boiling process. Beetroot can give the risotto a nice red colour and great taste. As an add-on you can have a nice salmon or chicken breast. Veggies like zucchini fried mushrooms or even some hot chilies go very well in a risotto. Just let you phantasy flow and see what risotto can do in terms of creativity. Also check out our recipes for some nice risottos!

We are very much looking forward to some nice inspirations from you guys!

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