The Preparation Of Eggs


Well Easter is just around the corner, the perfect chance to tell you guys a little about The Preparation Of Eggs. Besides the fact that eggs are a great source of proteins there are heaps of ways to prepare them. Check out this article for further information.

General stuff about eggs
Well eggs have a lot of attributes but the most important one is the fact that eggs contain the best kind of protein in the food industry. With roughly 6 gram of proteins an egg has heaps of proteins. We would always recommend to choose the fresh eggs from your weekly market. Those eggs can be kept in the fridge for about 3 weeks. There are different categories for eggs. The organic ones are the best ones as they are mainly the biggest and freshest ones. You can also get eggs from cage chickens but those eggs are said to be not as healthy and also the chickens do not live well in those cages. You can get different kind of eggs, not only chickens produce eggs, also quails and ostriches produce nice eggs. You should definitely check those out!

The Preparation Of Eggs
Now we would like to give you a short overview about the most common ways to prepare eggs. You can basically use all sorts of eggs for those preparations.
1. The Scramble Egg: The Scrambled Egg is a classic. Everyone likes his or her occasional scrambled egg in a different way. Some like it a little softer and some want it cooked through. No Matter how you prepare it we have a little advice for you: When putting the whipped egg into the hot pan let it rest for a while until it gets hard on the ground. Then push it towards the middle of the pan and let the watery part flow aside again. Do that for about 2 to 3 minutes. This will bring you the perfect scrambled egg. This link brings you a great recipe!
2. The Fried Egg: It can be hard to prepare the perfect fried egg but don’t worry and keep calm! Make sure you put enough butter into the hot pan. This way the egg won’t burn on the ground and won’t stick to the pan. Try topping off the fried egg with some ground cheese and herbs. This is simply tasty!
3. The Boiled Egg: When it comes to boiled eggs everyone has a different taste. I like my egg a little wobbly inside but a lot of people like it cooked through. The rule for boiling eggs is the following. When boiling an egg make sure to put it in hot water and put a little hole in it with a sharp pin. When the egg boiled for about 6 minutes it is still very watery inside. After 7 minutes it is just perfect. After 8 minutes the egg is cooked through.
4. The Omelette: This type of preparation differs from your usual scrambled egg. Simply put the whipped egg into the hot pan and let it rest. Only turn it once. You can fill your omelette with a lot of different ingrdients. Check out this link for a nice recipe! Always keep in mind to have enough oil or butter in the pan!
5. The Poached Egg: The Poached Egg is a little fancy. You should give it a try with some fresh bread and some fresh baby spinach for breakfast. It also goes perfect with a fresh salad. The preparation is a little tricky, you will need to warm up some water in a pot. Flavour the water with some salt and vinegar. Take a spoon and stir the water until you get a proper vortex inside the water. Into this water you will need to put the cracked egg now and let it rest in the warm water for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Give those different kinds a try and let us know how it went!

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