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Working Out On A Teadmill can seem boring and demanding for a lot of people. We will try to convince you that this does not necessarily need to be the case! As long as run with some pleasant music, the right partner or use the treadmill as a replacement for your runs when it gets cold outside Working Out On A Treadmill will be fun!

The different types of workout on a treadmill!
1. Vary between the different slopes on the treadmill:  By time you start to workout make sure you increase the slope of your run on the treadmill gradually. You can try and raise the slop by one percent per minute and do that until you get up to 7 percent. Beginners can also stop at 5 percent.
2. Try random mode! Random mode can be fun from time to time. Random mode will change the slope and tempo of your run automatically. This way you can make sure that you keep up the challenge. Don’t forget to warm up before workout out on random mode as this mode can be very demanding.
3. The effect of a constant slope: Also try and stay on a constant slope for about 2 minutes and raise the slope gradually. The advantages of the workout on a treadmill compared to a run outside is that you don’t have to run upwards again. This takes the pressure off your muscles.
4. High Intensity On The Treadmill: Compared to running outside you can challenge yourself even more. Try to run on a certain tempo for 3 to 5 minutes that takes that much condition from you that you can barely talk to each other. Afterwards lower the tempo to 3 to 5 minutes on a normal tempo and raise it to the maximum afterwards again. Try to repeat this workout 2 to 3 times.
5. A raise in tempo: This is a classic workout on a treadmill. Simply raise the tempo you run on 15 to 20% each minute until you reached your personal maximum. Then lower the tempo to normal again with each minute until you run on your usual tempo to relax your muscles.

Some advice!
Always keep in mind that the slop on a treadmill is not like the slope of a straight run outside. If you want to simulate that kind of run, you need to active a slope of 1.5 percent.
Always keep an eye on your blood pressure as the pressure on your stamina is higher than usual.
Also look after your body posture as people tend to run different than outside. Keep up your shoulders and don’t shorten your steps!

We hope that this article can be an inspiration to see the treadmill as a great add on for a lot of workouts in the gym.

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