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A lot of people are looking for an effective diet that’s why we want to introduce you to a new diet called The Bulletproof Diet. The concept behind it is to lose a lot of weight within a couple of weeks and simultaneously feel better. So what is this diet all about and how does it work?

The Bulletproof Diet – The Idea Behind it!
Well it all originates from an American called Dave Asprey. During a journey through Tibet he discovered that the monks in Tibet often take all their necessary ingredients very effectively. He soon developed the idea of having his coffee in the morning with some butter in it to get all the calories he needs for the day without eating unorganized. After coming back from his trip he developed a whole concept behind his diet and wrote a book about it. He himself was overweight and lost 50 kilos by following his own diet. He calls this diet bulletproof as by following his 14 rules you can be sure to effectively lose weight and also feel better at the same time. So what is the concept behind his diet?

The Bulletproof Diet – The Concept!
First there is to say that Asprey wrote down 14 rules to follow to feel better and lose weight but to write them all down and to try and follow all of them would not be very efficient. So we tried to sum up his diet in 3 steps that you shall take.
1. Dave Asprey states that it is really important to concentrate on local and organic foods as they contain the least preservatives and additives. He for examples tells you to only have milk and butter that is not processed in any ways and therefor not homogenised or pasteurised.
2. Another important factor is to eat consciously. Asprey recommends to replace calories by healthy fats, additionally you should not warm up your foods too much to not ruin their vitamins and minerals.  That’s why you should always value your food.
3. When it comes to the nutrients in your food Dave Asprey has a strict opinion. You should not have too many proteins to save your body from disease. You should also limit your daily intake of carbs to 5 to 30 percent per day. He says that the most important thing is to have enough healthy fats to fill your body.
There are heaps of more rules but those three steps summarize the core principal behind The Bulletproof Diet. With this diet it is also not important to fulfil all rules at once it is more about slowly adapting to his way of life to gradually lose weight and feel better.

The Bulletproof Diet – Criticism
As with all diets there is to say that it can be really hard to stick to it for a longer while that’s why you should take it easy. Additionally, there are some concepts behind that diet which can damage your body or cause some lags as you should for example avoid gluten and natural oils which is not recommendable. But there is that one huge advantage about this diet, you will value your food and eat very consciously after a while. So as long as you pick the rules that fit your daily life you will soon feel better with The Bulletproof Diet.

We hope that this article brought you some inspiration for further diets. If you want to know more about this diet check out this book!

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