This article is all about a very important content for out body. We are talking about zinc. This content is especially important for athletes. We will now explain why and what kind of foods contain a good amount of zinc.

What does zinc do to our body!
Zinc has several different meanings for our body that is why it is so important to always keep a stable amount in your body as our system has no own zinc reserves.
1. The inner workings of zinc in our body: Zinc is responsible for the right workings of our metabolism. It also regulates our blood sugar. There are also another two important workings for athletes and men. Zinc regulates the balance of hormones in our body and also supports the prostate.
2. The outer workings of zinc: Besides the mentioned workings zinc is also responsible for a lot of effects on the surface of your body. Zinc supports the wound healing as well as the inner healing. Zinc also supports your hair growth.

What happens to people with a lag of zinc?
Well the lag of zinc is not as dangerous as the lag of other nutrients but still can cause some damage to your body. A lag of zinc can for example lead to a disturbance of smell and taste. The risk of getting infected is another effect of a lag of zinc. One could also add the effect that your wounds will heal slower if you suffer from a lag of zinc.

The best way to have zinc!
First let us tell you that the recommended daily intake of zinc is about 10 milligram for men and 7 milligram for women. To make sure you can fulfil this need we introduce you to 5 foods that are full of zinc!
1. Beef Fillet: 200 gram of beef fillet will fulfil your need of zinc as 100 gram of it contain roughly 5.6 milligram of zinc which is a nice and high amount!
2. Oysters: Well to be frank we are starting off with the expensive foods but those are that foods that contain a high amount of zinc. With 160 milligram of zinc per 100 grams, oysters are the top scoring player in this game!
3. Edam Cheese: Well if you are into cheese and still look for a nice amount of zinc this is the cheese to go for. 11 milligram per 100 grams are perfect to cover your daily need of zinc!
4. Pumpkin Seeds: Perfect as a nice little evening snack 100 gram of pumpkin seeds will almost cover the recommended amount of 7 to 10 milligram as they contain 7.4 milligram. This is perfect to catch up on your zinc intake in the evening!
5. Prawns: At last another affordable kind of fish. Prawns are perfect in a lot of dishes and they can still fill you up with a nice and little amount of 2.3 milligram of zinc per 100 grams. This is perfect to combined with other important nutrients!

We hope that this article brought you a nice overview about the most important facts when it comes to zinc.

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