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In this article we want to tell you some facts about Avoiding Sugar. A lot of people try this kind of diet nowadays but what is so interesting about it and what makes it so hard?

Avoiding Sugar – Why?
There are several reasons to avoid sugar. The most important ones are those concerning your health. Sugar can damage your body in several ways. It can cause Type 2 – diabetes, obesity or even liver problems. Another reason to quit eating sugar is that the bacteria in your body nourishes itself from sugar and can therefor lead to disease. Besides those reasons a lot of people quit having sugar since they want to lose weight. Sugar mainly consists of carbs. Throughout the day your body has many carbs from starch and other sources. Therefor all the unnecessary carbs like sugar are saved as fat reserves for your body no longer needs energy. This leads to a weight gain. Additionally, a lot of sugar is made of fructose. Fructose can be good for your body in little doses like from fruits but most of the foods that are produced contain too much fructose. A human body can only process sugars like glucose well. Glucose can also bring your body some healthy energy. When it comes to fructose your bowel can not process this kind of sugar which can lead to stomach pains and digestion problems.

Avoiding Sugar – The Difficulties
After you’ve read about the reasons of avoiding sugar we need to tell you that it can be hard to avoid sugar. Avoiding sugar is not only about avoiding sweets it is more about avoiding all the foods that contain too much sugar. 3 grams of sugar per 100 grams should be your limit when consuming foods. Which means that also beer and wine are not allowed. Your little snack at night? Probably not possible! But we tell you if you made it through the first 10 days it becomes very easy, also to find substitutes. Sugar is addictive as it has the same structure as heroin that is what makes it so hard for a lot of people to quit consuming sugar. We recommend to slowly lower your daily intake of sugar; you will soon realize how you feel healthier!

Avoiding Sugar – Substitutes
Well you see, the concept of avoiding sugar can be hard but there are substitutes to sweeten your foods. First of all fruits, of course they contain fructose but as mentioned above you can have some of them. Fruits can easily sweeten your cake instead of sugar. Besides fruits you can try syrups like agave syrup or maple leaf syrup. They only contain a little amount of fructose. Honey of course is another substitute.

Hopefully this article brought you some first insides about the concept of Avoiding Sugar. Don’t hesitate to hit us in the comment section for further questions!

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