We already told you something about the importance of proteins when building muscle. Now we want to tell you about the importance of carbs when building muscle as they have the same importance than proteins. Let’s just get into it and have a look at the world of carbs.

The structure of carbs
Carbs can either be simple sugars or complex sugars. It really depends on the structure of carbs if they can be digested faster or slower. Therefor the digestion is important for the way your body builds muscles.

The right intake of carbs
You need to ask yourself if you want to lose weight or want to build muscle. Scientists say that if you want to lose weight you should stick to 2 to 2.2 gram of carbs per kilogram of bodyweight. If you are looking to build muscles you need to double that amount to 4 to 4.4 gram of carbs. So in case you are trying to build muscles you should mainly stick to complex sugars like whole meal products, rice, muesli or potatoes. Those products make your body have a constant level of insulin, which will deliver your body enough energy for the day. It will also fight your hunger. Those carbs should be taken for diner, the time between your main dishes and before your workouts.
Keep in mind that there are two important times of the day where you should stick to the carbs which are easier to digest. We are talking bout the breakfast and the meal right after your workout. For breakfast your body needs carbs that fight the amino acids that your body build when you slept. Those carbs will stimulate your catabolism and make your muscles grow after the long rest. After your workout it is also important to have simple sugars. By time simple sugars get mixed with proteins in your body the insulin can be led into your muscles quicker!

The best sources of carbs
The best carbs are the natural carbs like pasta, rice, bread and potatoes. Those products are best to be taken in the whole meal version, as they are more complex. After your workout you can also have carbs with a lot of white flour since they are quicker to digest. Fruits can have a great amount of carbs as well and also bring you heaps of vitamins and minerals to support your body. If you are looking to define your muscles stick to veggies since they do not have a huge amount of carbs but can fight your hunger and therefor not make you put on more weight. Do not forget to support your muscles after your workout with the right kind of supplements. We recommend to take supplements like maltodextrin, vitrodextrin and dextrose as they have carbs which are quick to digest.

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