Facts About Fasting


Today’s article is about an upcoming trend that is thousands of years old. Fasting is all about cleaning your body and losing weight and basically describes a nutrition in which you don’t eat at all or only partially. There are different types of fasting and they can all differ in their durance so check out this article for some Facts About Fasting!

Facts About Fasting

  1. Fasting exists since hundreds of years: No matter in which religion, every religion has been fasting since their beginnings. Muslims fast during Ramadan which only allows them to eat late at night. A lot of Buddhists monks are only allowed to have their breakfast and nothing else. Christians fast 40 days before Easter and eat almost nothing.
  2. There are different types of fasting: Like we mentioned above there are different forms of fasting. They all differ in their length and their intensity of eating. The most common form of fasting is the fasting cure. A certain mister Buchinger developed this cure. It is basically about only eating foods like stock and drinking water or tea, nothing else! This cure can last from one week to three weeks. Another from of fasting is the so called intermittend fasting. During this diet you can only have food in a certain time slot. This could be during a certain time period of 8 hours a day or even only every two days. The most extreme form of fasting is the starvation diet in which you can basically only drink water and tea. This form is said to be very bad for your body that’s why doctors do not recommend this form of fasting.
  3. Fasting is healthy: By time you start fasting your reserves of sugar and protein are quickly used. Afterwards your body will start to burn your fat reserves. When doing so your body develops the so called Ketone which is a substance that can support your brain when not eating. These Ketone substances are supposed to be really good for your body as they support your blood pressure. They also support your liver. Most important these Ketone reproduce your brain cells faster than they would usually be reproduced.

What to keep in mind when fasting
Well if those facts motivated you to try some fasting you need to keep some things in mind!
1. See the doctor first: Make sure you check back with your doctor that your body is healthy enough to live without food. Some symptoms may not be useful when fasting like diabetes.
2. Don’t forget to drink enough: While fasting your body needs enough electrolytes that’s why you should always be drinking enough water and have not veggie stock inbetween.
3. Exercise: When fasting you don’t want your body to develop muscle proteins. You can prevent this development by working out or simply taking a walk. Yoga is another sport you could do when fasting.
4. Take it easy after your fasting cure: Having big fatty meals after your cure is a huge mistake. Your body needs to become used to the high amount of calories again that’s why you should take it easy and start with some light meals like fish with rice. Also low fat foods like veggies and fruits are recommended.

We hope that this article brought you some useful information about fasting. If you have any questions left don’t hesitate to hit us in the comment section!

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