Fighting The Cold


It can be hard to to Fight The Cold during winter that’s why we will bring you some helpful tips to keep you from the cold. First we will give you some advice on how to Fight The Cold and afterwards shortly explain how to prevent yourself from getting a cold. The following tips will not be about taking medicine as we believe that a cold can be fought without any medication.

Fighting the Cold
Most of you are very sporty which is perfect as sport can strengthen your immune system perfectly. But keep in mind that if you have a cold or even a flu sport can make those infections worse. My doc always recommends to take a nice and easy walk when having a flu. This way you can still breath in some fresh air but not strain your body. As soon as you start feeling weaker again go back to bed! Now let’s check out some symptoms and how to fight them.
1. Sniffles: The sniffles can hold you back in your everyday life. To free your sinuses, try to inhale some thyme or camomile. Both of those herbs have a calming effect on your body. There are also nose showers with salty water. Try those and your blocked nose will be alright again.
2. A Sore Throat and the Cough: To fight a sore throat simply try to gargle a mixture of lemon juice and salt. This will kill the bacteria in your throat. If you don’t want to try this simply have heaps of sage tea, this will help! It can be hard to fight the cough, we recommend to work with healing oils. Tiger balm is one of those oils. Simply rub your chest with it before going to bed.
3. The Fever: The fever is a signal of your body that it tries to fight the bacteria in your body. But try to get rid of the fever as soon as possible. If your temperature is still moderately low try to sweat as much as possible, this way the bacteria will leave your body. As soon as you have a temperature above 39 degrees you immediately need to cool down your body. This can be done by wrapping cold towels around your legs when going to bed.
Some general advice: No matter what symptoms you have, try to drink as much as possible to keep your mucosa wet. Also keep your body warm for example in a nice hot bubble bath! If you are into hot food, that’s perfect as it also fights your bacteria.

Keeping yourself from the cold
To keep yourself from the cold it is most important to have the right nutrition and to do sports! To save your body from dangerous bacteria try to have the right vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C and zinc are perfect for this matter. Drink does not only help when already infected. The liquid helps your mucosa to fight the bacteria. Try to get as much fresh air as possible by always opening the windows, this will make the viruses fly away. At last try to stay hygienic. Always wash your hands to protect your skin from the bacteria and try to not touch a lot of stuff in public places.

We hope that this article brought you some good advice on how to Fight The Cold.

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