Homemade Protein Shakes


Today we want to show you how to make your own Homemade Protein Shakes. The most important thing is that you have a proper blender to mix up all the ingredients. The main advantage of Homemade Protein Shakes is that you avoid the expensive powder with unnecessary artificial ingredients. Additionally, you can avoid unhealthy carbs and sugars. But most important, Homemade Protein Shakes are cheaper than artificial protein shakes with whey protein.

Homemade Protein Shakes 

Do make the Homemade Protein Shakes you will need a base with heaps of proteins.
The Base of Homemade Protein Shakes
To have a proper base you will need 3 nutrients: Proteins, a few carbs and some healthy fats. To have the right amount of proteins in your shake you can either use cottage cheese or curd cheese. We recommend to use curd cheese as it is very neutral in taste. The proteins should have the highest part in your protein shake.
To get a few carbs, just like in whey proteins, you can use either some oat flakes or fruits. Fruits will bring your shake not only healthy carbs but also the right taste. You can for example use some berries or bananas to get some carbs and a great taste.
Finally you are looking to have some healthy fats in your protein shake to finish it all off. We recommend to use Chia seeds. But also olive oil or fatty nuts like almonds will do.
To find the right consistency of your Homemade Protein Shake you should consider using some milk. It is up to you if you want to use usual milk or soy milk, almond milk or even coconut milk. They all differ in taste but will get you a nice consistency for your shake. To get the protein shake creamy and sweet you can either use honey or agave syrup. If you want to use your protein shake for a diet just add some water instead of milk.
The right taste of Homemade Protein Shakes
In terms of taste it is really up to you. If you like it fruity just add some bananas or mandarins. Oranges or kiwis are also perfect for protein shakes. If you like it really healthy just add some fresh baby spinach. It also doesn’t always need to be sweet. You can also try and mix your protein shake with some capsicum, salt, pepper and some other nice flavours like nutmeg or chili. This mix is perfect to have some vitamins for dinner without having to cook a lot.

Just try these combinations yourself and keep in mind that most of the protein shake should consist of proteins. And when it comes to fats make sure you don’t use too many as the support the effect of building mass instead of bringing you energy!

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