How To Fight A Hangover


We already told you about the effects of alcohol but we surely know that sometimes there is the need of celebrating. We bring you some advice on How To Fight A Hangover! The following list will give you an overview of how to weaken the hangover the next day but also how to keep you from having one!

How To Fight a Hangover – Preventing the hangover the next day!
Those tips will stop you from having a bad hangover the next day and they are really simple.
1. Don’t forget the water: While consuming alcohol you should always have a glass of water in between. This way you’ll make sure that your body doesn’t lose too much water as alcohol withdraws the water from your body. The glass of water in between will keep your blood running frequently!
2. Don’t forget to eat: Make sure to eat enough food before consuming alcohol. A full tummy, preferably filled with fatty food, will cause the alcohol too need a longer time to get into your blood. Also while drinking the food will weaken the hangover the next day.
3. Avoid the cheap alcohol: By cheap alcohol we mean the alcohol that not only consists of pure ethanol. Some drinks are made with other alcohols that are known to make your hangover worse. These drinks could be whiskey and rum.
4. Don’t smoke: Besides the well known risks of smoking the consumption of alcohol can also strengthen the effects of the hangover. The nicotine in the cigarettes lowers the amount of alcohol in your blood and therefore you get the feeling that you could drink more alcohol when really you can’t.

How To Fight The Hangover – After a wild night!
In case you didn’t care for the advice mentioned above here are some helpful tips for fighting the hangover!
1. Take a long walk: Although it might seem hard to get up and breath in some fresh air that is a great way of fighting the hangover. The fresh air and the exercise will help your blood circulation to get rid off the alcohol.
2. Pickled Herring: It might sound strange and hard to eat but the raw fish can quickly help you to get rid of your hangover. The minerals within this fish are very high and will weaken your headache, nausea and dizziness.
3. Using the power of nature: A lot of spices and herbs can help you to calm down your body. Chewing some parsley for example will help you to fight a dry mouth. Mint oil can also help you stop the headache and an upset stomach. Just try inhaling some of the oil. self-made tea with ginger is also helpful to fight an upset stomach.
4. Calming down an upset stomach: Try to have some plain yoghurt or some water. Make sure that it doesn’t contain any bubbles those will not help your stomach. By time your stomach is alright again have some food to help your body to get rid of the alcohol.

We hope that those little tips can show you How To Fight A Hangover!

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