Low Carb vs. Low Fat


This is a quick article about the differences between Low Carb and Low Fat and also about the advantages of both. After a quick overview you will see what diet will be the best for you. For more information on low carb check out this link!

Low Carb vs. Low Fat

Low FatĀ 
Like the name says Low Fat is all about reducing your intake of fat. The most common form of Low Fat is the so called Low Fat 30 Diet. This diet is all about only eating foods that contain 30% of fat and not more. The sense of Low Fat is to lower your intake of fat and also your intake of calories this is due to the fact that contrary to proteins and carbs fat is not processed to energy but to body weight!
The Advantages Of Low Fat
Low Fat is easier to follow than the Low Carb Diet as you can easier detect the fats in your food than the carbs and you can also easier avoid those foods.
The Disadvantages Of Low Fat
You have to differ between healthy and unhealthy fats. If you start avoiding foods with a high amount of fat you might also forget about having the healthy fats which can be fatal as those bring you important vitamins for your body.

Low Carb
We already told you heaps about the Low Carb diet. It is basically about avoiding foods with carbs in it to help your body to burn fats quicker than usual.
The Advantages Of Low Carb
Low Carb will make sure that you eat more sophisticated. This is due to a lot of foods containing a high amount of carbs. Therefor your usual nutrition will be highly restricted but studies have shown that The Low Carb Diet is the best way to lose weight. Additionally the higher intake of proteins when following The Low Carb Diet will cause you a higher satisfaction.
The Disadvantages of Low Carb
When trying a Low Carb Diet it will be hard for you to fully do it as you have to restrict yourself in a very strong way. Compared to a Low Fat Diet it will be harder to find the right foods.

A Comparison Of Low Carb vs. Low Fat
Finally there is to say that if you stick to a Low Fat Diet you will have the healthier choice as you can easier find the balance between a healthy and nice diet. But: The Low Fat Diet will make it harder to quickly lose weight. If you are looking to quickly lose weight, we recommend to try the Low Carb Diet! Keep in mind that when following the Low Carb Diet you will have to take supplements to make up for the lack of minerals and vitamins!

We hope that this was a helpful and quick overview about the workings of the two different diets.

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