Rules For A Good Smoothie


Our last article showed you the best blenders. Today we want to tell you something about what to do with those blenders that’s why we bring you some rules for a good smoothie! It is important to keep in mind that the consistency and the taste need to be right so check out this article to get some helpful advice!

Rules for a good smoothie

The right consistency
To get the right smoothie which feels nice and smooth in your mouth you can apply some tricks. In general, you can differ between fruity smoothies and green smoothies containing heaps of veggies. When it comes to the fruity smoothies we recommend to use different kind of liquids to give the smoothie the right consistency. You can add stuff like milk, no matter if it is normal milk or soy or almond milk. Yoghurt is another nice addition to your smoothie! Those ingredients will make the smoothie really smooth 😉 Another liquid to add to fruity smoothies is any kind of fruit juice. Freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice is perfect!
When it comes to veggie smoothies it gets a little tricky as you don’t want to spoil the flavour with any liquids. For green smoothie’s water is just fine! Milk could spoil the colour but is still nice to add a little flavour! For both smoothie’s you should try avoiding crushed ice as it melts slowly and makes the smoothie really watery!

The right taste
As mentioned above there are two types of smoothie. Talking about fruity smoothies there are basically no rules. A lot of fruits work really well together. If you want to give your usual smoothie a little twist, try adding some herbs like rosemary or thyme. Ginger is another ingredient that is very effective and healthy! If you want to sweeten your smoothie try working with natural flavours like honey, agave syrup or maple leaf syrup instead of sugar. Those ingredients add a really nice flavour to your smoothie!
With veggie smoothies it can be a little difficult as a lot of vegetables become bitter when blending them. You really just need to try yourself. Veggies like spinach or kale are perfect for green smoothies. Also try flavouring your smoothie with ingredients like salt, pepper or chili. This will make it really fancy!
Really , no matter what kind of smoothie you go for try experimenting. Also mix up fruits and veggies like carrots and oranges. Just keep in mind to find the right balance between sweet and sour ingredients.

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