The Effects Of Alcohol


We told you heaps about several effects of workouts but what are The Effects Of Alcohol on your workouts? We will give you a short overview about The Effects Of Alcohol on your workout and how it can draw back your successes.

The Effects Of Alcohol On Your Workout Successes
Alcohol can hinder your workouts in several ways. Alcohol can for example lower your testosterone release. This testosterone is needed to develop your muscles. Furthermore, alcohol hinders your protein synthesis which means the proteins that are needed are used by the alcohol rather than your muscles. Thirdly alcohol uses your energy as the consumption of alcohol develops more stress hormones in your body. Those hormones draw the energy from your muscles. At last alcohol produces more fats in your body that can not the processed as easy as usual.
In conclusion the renunciation of alcohol can be very useful for your body shape and your fitness.

The Effects Of Alcohol On Your Health
It is well known that the consumption of alcohol can damage your liver in the long term. But also other effects of alcohol can be dangerous. Alcohol will make you gain weight that is due to calories in the alcohol but also due to the effect of alcohol making it harder for your body to process the calories. The alcohol also weakens your metabolism.
For a lot of athletes, it is also important to know that alcohol damages your immune system. As a result, it can also lead to a lag of sleep and therefore to a lag of performance during your job or your workouts.

We hope that this little listing showed you’re the dangers of alcohol. It is not a bad thing to have one or two beers with your friends but should always know your individual limit.

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