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Today’s article is all about a new trend from America. The High Carb Diet shall help you to lose some weight and to make you feel healthier. We already told you something about a couple of Low Carb Diets. Those diets can be hard sometimes, but can The High Carb Diet really fill those gaps? The following article will tell you if The High Carb Diet can help you out with some issues that the Low Carb Diet can’t fix and if it is worth a try.

The Basics of The High Carb Diet
Like the name says The High Carb Diet is all about having as many carbs as possible a day. The idea behind this diet is that after some carbs you will not feel too hungry anymore. This diet is based on the ideas of Mr. McDougall who is convinced that The High Carb Diet has less risks than a Low Carb Diet. The only down – part to The High Carb Diet is that you will have to live vegan if you want to lose weight. This diet will only work properly if you work out while following this diet.

The Nutrition of The High Carb Diet
When it comes to the exact nutrition of The High Carb Diet there is one motto: Eat whenever you want to but only until you feel satisfied! This way you will learn to listen to your body. The idea is that your daily diet consists of 10% of fruits a day, 20% of veggies and 70% of carbs. The carbs should mainly be taken through oats and starch. You can mainly concentrate on potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes or any other earthly from of carbs. But keep in mind to have enough proteins for your muscles as the lag of meat can only be overcome by supplements or legumes.

The Conclusion
It gets a bit tricky here. Many people say that low carb is better for you and carbs make you fat. But sometimes carbs can also be helpful to live healthier and should be part of our everyday diet.
The advantages
Compared to Low Carb, High Carb has less risks in terms of a lag of vitamins and minerals. It can also keep your blood sugar on a stable level. The High Carb Diet will also have you feel full quicker which will help you to keep your calories low. Another advantage is that you don’t have to consider the ‘when’ and ‘where’. It is way easier to eat what you want, except for meat and dairy products.
The disadvantages
The main idea is to have heaps of carbs. But the inventor of the diet does not say how many proteins and fats you should have which makes it hard for you to exactly follow your diet. Also being vegan can be hard for people who are not used to it. The lag of vitamin B12 is another huge disadvantage which you will have to fight trough supplements.

We recommend to try this diet anyway as you will find that this diet doesn’t restrict you like others do. So in case you can adapt to the vegan lifestyle you should give this diet a try. But keep in mind that without enough workouts you will fall back to your patterns in terms of your weight.

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