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Todays article is all about the vegan nutrition. Besides not eating any meat vegans can not have any dairy products or foods that contain any substances of animals. All of this makes it even harder than being a vegetarian. Let’s check out what being vegan is all about!

The vegan nutrition – a trend taking over the world
It seems that everyone tries to be vegan these days. Being vegan is simply hip nowadays. But the vegan nutrition does not necessarily have a lot to do with just belonging to the crowd. The vegan nutrition originates from the believe that by avoiding foods that contain substances from animals can save them from being treated unethical. And indeed the treatment of animals can be horrible so the upcoming trend of being vegan can be helpful to save animals. One can definitely give it a shot if they believe that they can endure the hard nutrition. But with all the foods that help one to be vegan it gets easier every day. There are heaps of soy products that can replace your usual foods!

The vegan nutrition – An explanation
As explained above being vegan means avoiding any meat and any products with substances from animals in it. For a lot of vegans even honey is a food that one can’t eat as it is produced by bees. For a lot of people, it might seem shocking when they first want to try the vegan nutrition as your usual nutrition will become quite restricted. But after a couple of days  you will see that you have a lot of replacements for your daily meat!
Let’s check out some alternatives for vegans when it comes to meals. Vegans often work with heaps of grains.  Those grains can be combined with wonderful veggies. If we take a closer look at bulgur for example, this grain works perfectly together with some lemon juice, oil and veggies. With such a dish you can cover all your daily needs of vitamins and other nutrients for your body.  For people that like it the sweet way, you don’t have to miss out on all the nice deserts which often contain eggs in their dough. A lot of people simply replace the egg by a banana or an avocado which works perfectly. Talking about alternatives we should also check out what foods can be replaced. As already mentioned meat can be replaced by soy products like tofu. How about milk? Almost every supermarket in this world has milk products that don’t contain any dairy. Those products could be soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk and many more. You see, it is really not that hard to avoid products from animals but it might bring it risks for your body!

The vegan nutrition – The risks for your body
Talking about the vegan nutrition one always needs to talk about the risks as your body might lag some important nutrients. Most important a lot of vegans lag proteins. But don’t worry proteins for vegans can be veggies like potatoes beans peas or any sort of root vegetables. But there is another way of having proteins some new companies produce vegan protein powders which are perfect for vegan athletes. Another lag could be the lag of iron and calcium. But those minerals can be taken by consuming green veggies or any sort of nuts!

We hope that this little article helped you to get a quick insight into the the vegan nutrition and we are very grateful for any inspiring comments in the comment section!

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