Our 5 Best Low Fat Recipes


We already told you heaps about the Low Fat Diet in general. Check out this article for further information. To show you some nice inspiration for your next low fat diet we bring you Our 5 Best Low Fat Recipes to give you a brought spectrum of possible recipes that you can use!

Our 5 Best Low Fat Recipes 
1. The Low Fat Lemon Chicken With Pasta: This dish is kind of a nice chicken stew with just the right flavors to be not a usual and boring pasta dish. Give it a try to find an awesome way to use chicken in your next dish. At the same time it will bring you heaps of proteins for your muscles.
2.  The Power Protein Apple Cupcake: This recipe is for everyone loving his/her casual cupcake. The best thing about this cupcake is the low amount of fat with still a powerful amount of proteins. Just perfect for every athlete.
3. The High Carb Potato Burger: This burger might seem a little unusual but will surprise you with its rich taste. With just the right amount of proteins and carbs without too many fats this burger is a great and healthy alternative to your usual fast – food burgers!
4. Rosemary Potatoes With Chicken Breast: This dish is perfect for summer. Super light and great with a nice glas of white wine we recommend this dish for every kind of low fat diet.
5. The Fitness Tom Yam Gung Soup: This is a typical thai dish that will be a perfect entree for your next dinner party with friends. This soup is low in carbs and in fat and therefore perfect as a light dinner!

Give those recipes a try as they are different to your usual low fat recipes! For any inspiration from your side just hit the comment section below!

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