There are heaps of Training Boosters on the market. Most of them contain caffeine. So today we want to introduce you to the world of caffeine and its importance for bodybuilding.

What exactly does caffeine to your body and how does it work?

The most important effects of caffeine
There are two major effects of caffeine that will help you to succeed when building muscles and to improve your performance.
1. Caffeine raises our endurance!
Caffeine makes your body have a higher endurance. This is caused by the effect that caffeine stimulates your body to eject fatty acids and therefor your body can burn more fat. This way our body saves energy for later exercises without touching glycose in your body. This is a very special effect of caffeine as there are only a few ways to eject that much fatty acids.
2. Caffeine raises our power!
Heaps of athletes, especially bodybuilders, say that after taking caffeine their power rose compared to a workout without caffeine. This is due to the effect that caffeine stimulates your muscles contractions and your body can therefore lift heavier weights.

The right intake of caffeine
Always keep in mind that it is more effective to have less caffeine than exaggerating the intake of your daily doses. It is shown that caffeine is the most effective if it is only taken every fourth day. Our body gets used to caffeine very quickly and as a result the caffeine that you, for example, get through your coffee will not be as effective anymore. So in terms of the right doses we recommend to have caffeine before 2 to 3 workouts each week. The rest of the week try to stick to Training Boosters without caffeine. The doses really depends on your body weight and can vary between 200 to 400 mg. Take the caffeine 30 minutes before your workout to give it some time to get into your blood.

The advantages and disadvantages of caffeine
The advantages are already mentioned above and can definitely lead to a higher performance if it is taken carefully.
But keep in mind that this kind of supplement comes with some risks. Make sure to drink enough water as caffeine quickly dehydrates your body. If the caffeine is taken in a too high doses it can also lead to heart disease. Some little side effects can be shivers, trembling hands and nervousness.

If you take caffeine in the right doses, we are sure that caffeine can bring you a high improvement in performance.

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