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There are several ways to fill up your body with proteins. One way is to take rice protein. A lot of people describe rice protein as a superfood, which is definitely true. But what exactly is rice protein and what makes it so special?

The roots of rice protein
Rice protein, as you can guess from the name, is taken from rice. The difference to the normal rice we know is that rice protein is not made of the nutritive tissue but from the bran and the seed from of the rice. The bran and the seed have more nutrients than the nutritive tissue. In comparison the nutritive tissue contains more carbs and the other two ones more proteins. A fun fact aside, the nutritive tissue of the rice makes about 80 percent of the whole rice.

The nutrients of rice protein
The best thing about rice protein is that it only contains natural nutrients. Rice protein contains calcium, calium, magnesium iron and several more. But more important, rice protein is full of vitamins. Rice protein contains vitamin B1, B2, B3 and C. An important fact for bodybuilders is the high amount of amino acids which will support your muscles. The structure of the amino acids is similar to the ones in the mother’s milk. The amount of the most important amino acids like Valin is higher in rice protein that in most whey proteins.

The advantages and target group of rice protein
As mentioned above rice protein has a very low amount of carbs. Additionally, compared to other proteins, rice protein doesn’t contain any whey or wheat. This makes it perfect for people with a high potential to be allergic. Vegans and vegetarians can have rice proteins without any concerns as well. As said before bodybuilders should go for rice proteins to get the most amino acids when taking proteins.

The right intake of rice protein
Rice protein can be taken as any other protein powder, best before your workout. You can easily have it in a protein shake as it tastes better than most protein powders. Besides you can also use rice proteins in your salad or in any other combination with other superfoods to get a full load of nutrients and vitamins. But keep in mind that the quality differs. We recommend to buy an organic rice protein.

Give this protein source a try to get a balanced and natural protein that you can enjoy without any concerns.

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