The Importance Of Proteins When Building Muscle


Of course we all know that taking proteins is essential for building muscle. The importance of proteins when building muscle is based on the egg white which makes your muscles grow. But what’s the best way to take them, what is the right amount and what is the best time to take them? Here are some helpful tips!

Natural proteins are perfect!
To make sure you take enough proteins each day you should vary between products like meat, fish, eggs and soy products since the different products have different structures of amino acids which help our body and your muscles.

The best amount of proteins
A lot of people take as many proteins as they can which is not always helpful! We recommend to have a certain amount of proteins with each meal each day to divide the amount of proteins perfectly to continuously build muscle. Talking about the perfect amount scientist say that 1.6 to 2 gram of proteins per kilogram of bodyweight is the best amount to take each day. As an example you could say that if you had 6 meals a day and you weight 100 kilo you should have about 200 grams of proteins each day, that makes it 35 gram of proteins per meal.

Some facts about protein shakes!
Protein shakes are perfect for stressful days. But keep in mind that when you start to build muscle the best way to have proteins is red meat. By time you start to define your muscle you can start to have protein shakes mixed with Whey. Also try to mix different protein powders as they all have different structures and can consist of either more or less soy proteins or whey proteins. All those different facts improve your ability to build muscle. Also mind the difference between whey and casein as those components have different effects. During the day you should stick to whey proteins as they have a short term effect. Casein is perfect to have before you go to sleep. Another Protein to have before you go to sleep are the Milk&Egg protein shakes as it is a high quality protein without any fats.

The right intake of proteins
As mentioned above you should keep in mind to have some proteins with each meal. Also don’t forget to have enough proteins while you work. That’s why you should take a protein shake to work to fight a lack of proteins if you can’t have a proper meal in time. Do not forget to take a protein shake after your workout to feed your muscles with some important proteins while they are still working. You might also try to mix your protein shake with some carb powders to cover everything you need. If you want to make sure thath you build muscle you can mix up whey with casein as studies show that this mixture is the most effective way to build muscle.
The last thing about the protein intake is that you shall never forget to drink enough water, about 4 litres a day. The proteins you take develop a high amount of nitrogen in your body which you can get rid off with the right intake of water.

Hopefully some of those tips helped you to understand the importance of proteins when building muscle.

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