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This article is all about the commonly know Vitamin C. What is the best way to take it and what advantages does it bring for your body?

The effects of Vitamin C
There are heaps of effects of Vitamin C.Now we will tell you something about the most important ones. First, Vitamin C is an antioxidant which means that it fights all harmful bacteria in your blood, brain and cells. Additionally, Vitamin C is responsible for your intake of calcium and ferric. That means that it improves the way calcium and ferric gets into your blood. The intake of Vitamin C can also help you to improve your flow of oxygen and your immune system. Besides those effects it also strengthens other functions of your body like your vascular protection and your connective tissue. Most important for all you athletes out there, Vitamin C improves the fat burning effect inside your muscles.

The negatives effects of a lag of Vitamin C
As you can see there are heaps of positive effects of Vitamin C which means that if you don’t take enough of it, it it can lead to some dysfunctions in your body. A lag of Vitamin C can weaken your immune system, it might lead to a worse recovery of your wounds. Additionally it might make you tired. In the end a lag of Vitamin C could also support the likelyhood of you to become depressed.

Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables
Unlike animals, humans can not produce Vitamin C in their body. Therefor we need to find other sources of Vitamin C. The best way to have Vitamin C are vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that if you don’t cook the fruits and vegetables they have a higher amount of Vitamin C than if you eat them cooked. If it is not necessary also don’t peel them.  The fruits with heaps of Vitamin C are oranges, lemons, grapefruits, currants and gooseberries. Also pineapples, kiwis and mangos contain heaps of Vitamin C.
When it comes to vegetables you could try some capsicum, potatoes, broccoli, kale and coli flower. In Germany a lot of people have raw Sauerkraut as it has heaps of Vitamin C.
In case you are not into vegetable or fruits you can try supplements. But keep in mind to keep them on a low as they might load your body with too many synthetic vitamins.

The risks of too much Vitamin C
To be frank there are not too many risks of having too much Vitamin C but it might lead to some little dysfunctions in your body. So if you take too much Vitamin C it could lead to diarrhea and nausea. Additionally your excretory organ might be overstrained.
A second risk is given by the intake of synthetic Vitamin C as the effect of the vitamins in those supplements are low. A lot of synthetic vitamins contain a high amount of acids which can damage your stomach and tissues.

We hope this article brought you some brave information on Vitamin C.

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