What is CrossFit all about?


It seems like everyone’s talking about it but there are still a lot of people wondering  What is CrossFit all about? The so-called company was found in 2000 and is offering a number of different exercises to build muscle with our own bodyweight and a lot more. CrossFit describes an upcoming trend with which we can improve our muscles, flexibility, stamina, rapidity, muscle endurance and so much more.  A great and diverse type of workout!


What’s so special about CrossFit?
The high intensity of this kind of workout will push your body to its limits. And this is exactly what CrossFit is aiming at, with many interval workouts you’ll see what you are capable of.
It offers hundreds of workouts, all with different names and difficulties. For example there is the so-called Annie workout in which you are switching between crunches and rope jumps. You start to repeat those exercises, first 50 times without any breaks and slowly lower the number of repeats, 40 – 30 – 20 – 10.
Sport scientist are convinced that CrossFit is a great thing as the sport is challenging the body in multifunctional ways and therefor not only builds your muscle endurance but also all the other attributes mentioned above. Of course there are always risks with new kinds of sports. Debutants need to keep in mind not to exhaust themselves and to build a basic fitness before getting into it too deep. Regeneration is everything!


The best way to do CrossFit!
There are several Facebook groups and heaps of “Boxes” around. Boxes are gyms specially build for CrossFit exercises. Also there are heaps of videos on the web but keep in mind to be careful when trying them at home as you need a certain basis. The memberships in boxes can be very expensive but also worth it in a lot of cases as you get personal advice and sessions. This is definitely the best way to keep up motivation. But the best thing about CrossFit is definitely the fact that you can do it anywhere you want as you are solely working with your own body weight, without other weights. That means once you are used to CrossFit you don’t need to be bound to expensive gyms anymore. Also the Apps on the AppStore’s are really helpful when looking for new inspiration.


Give the whole thing a try an let us know what you think 🙂

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