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There are several reasons to have a closer look at Bodyweight Training. Some might not find the right gym, some simply don’t like working with weights and others simply can’t afford to go to the gym. Bodyweight Training is a great solution to all those problems and you can even get the same results than in the gym.

What is Bodyweight Training?
Bodyweight Training describes a type of workout in which you only use you bodyweight to build muscle. The most common exercises when it comes to Bodyweight workouts are squats, sit ups, pull-ups and push- ups. The biggest advantage of bodyweight workouts is the high pressure that is put on your muscles and you can control that perfectly without any further weights.

The advantages of Bodyweight Training
Compared to other workouts with weights you own bodyweight can bring several advantages. You can save money on expensive weights or even the membership in the gym. When talking about the gym you will always be bound on a certain place to train. With bodyweight training you can choose the place you want to work out. The special workouts with bodyweight also stimulate several muscles in your body at the same time which is another huge advantage compared to other weight workouts.

The types of Bodyweight Training
There are heaps of different workouts we want to introduce you to three of them.
1. The Sequence Workout: This type of workouts consists of 3 sessions of either arm, leg or hip workout followed by a 15-minute run in between. This workout will improve your stamina and can lead to a nice weight loss.
2. The High Intensity Workout: With this workout you’ll need to repeat a chosen workout 5 times without any breaks (e.g. sit – ups ). Repeat them for 60 seconds and lower the time by 10 seconds each session (50, 40, 30, 20, 10). Between the exercises take a break of 20 seconds. This will improve your strength and can and also lead to a weight loss.
3. The High Tension Workout: This workout is about putting as much natural pressure on your muscles as you can while working out. This will lead to a great improvement of your muscles and your strength.

Some tools for your Bodyweight Training
Of course this workout is all about avoiding weights but some tools can help you put the right type of pressure on your muscles. The easiest one would be a towl that you can use for some pull – ups. But also working out in the sand can challenge you a little more. Also try to put more weight on your body by using a rucksack. There are literary no boarders when it comes to tools for Bodyweight Training.

Bodyweight compared to weights like dumbbells
Of course dumbbells bring you advantages as well. It is really about finding out what is best for you. With the Bodyweight Training you can gain stamina and strength in a really quick way. With dumbbells you will not come to a certain point where you can’t see any improve anymore which might happen to you if you stick to Bodyweight Training for a longer time.

Just give Bodyweight Training a try and see if you like it. Let us know that you think!


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