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Most of you believe that being on the beach has to do with relaxing in the sun an simply enjoying life which is basically right BUT there are certain people who just can’t stay away from their beloved sport which is fair enough. For all athletes who need some inspiration for Fitness At The Beach we have some advice and exercises that you could do on the beach!
The best thing about the beach is he sand which is great to challenge you a little more than anything in the gym as the sand is very flexible. And the best part, the atmosphere at the each is just motivating

Fitness At The Beach – Best Exercises
Well there are heaps of exercises that you could do on the beach but we figure that the following are the most effective ones so you should give them a try!
1. Running: Well running can get boring but on the beach running is even harder as the sand makes it hard for your feet to find the right balance. If you aren’t used to it and want to stick to an almost normal feeling of running the we recommend to run with trainers on the wet sand near the water which is still very effective due to the fresh air of the water. If you want to challenge yourself a little more just step off the water a little and try running in the soft sand without trainers. This can get very exhausting from time to time but will be worth it!
2. Squat Jumps: Well, probably most you know them very well but here comes another little overview. For proper squat jumps simply crouch your legs downwards with a little spread legs. Close your hands in front of your body like you are meditating. Now jump upwards and reach towards the sky with your hands. You can repeat that exercise as often as you want. It will help you to strengthen your legs and your condition.
3. Calf Raises: This exercise is a little unusual but very effective for your legs. Try to balance your body on one leg. By time you can stand still on one leg push yourself off the ground with that one leg until only your upper foot touches the ground. Repeat that exercise as often as you want and change legs from time to time. It gets harder with your weaker leg. Tis exercise is just perfect your balance and your leg muscles.

What to keep in mind when doing Fitness At The Beach!
By time you hit the beach to do some exercises always keep in mind to put some sunscreen on. The sun will always be very strong on the beach. Also don’t exhaust yourself too much as this might increase the risk of hurting your ankles. Don’t underestimate the effect of soft sand under your feet when exercising, the imbalance of your body can quickly bring you some very hurting side effects! Stay Safe!

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