There are several ways to train your body. We already told you something about CrossFit and Bodyweight Training. Today we want to introduce you to a sport called Freeletics. Check out this article for an introduction and a nice overview!

What is Freeletics all about?
The company called Freeletics was founded in 2012 and since then helps people all over the world to get the body they want. With their app and website they created a platform that pushes you to your limit as you compare your success with others and yourself. It is mostly about the time you need for your workouts and how you do, compared to all the others athletes.

How does Freeletics work?
First there is to say that Freeletics is based on high intensity workouts to gain the most success as soon as possible. You only train with your own bodyweight to challenge your body as much as possible. Each session consists of 3 different parts.
First you commit yourself to workouts. Those workouts consist of different session that you’ll need to train in a certain time and order. Those workouts should improve your stamina and muscle power.
Afterwards you will have to do some exercises that are certain moves to also be repeated in a certain time and order. Those exercises mainly aim at developing your muscle stamina, power and durance.
The end of each session is a run that can either be a sprint but also a run of a marathon distance. Those run shall complete the process of your muscle building and strengthen your blood circulation.
The combination of 3 parts for each session makes Freeletics a sport with a countless number of alternatives for upcoming workouts. Those parts can consist of sit ups, pull ups, climbers, sprints, push ups and many more. Each session can vary between 3 to 30 minutes. If you are a debutant they can take a little longer, don’t worry.

What is needed to train properly and where do I train best?
You can do Freeletics everywhere you want as you only train with your own bodyweight. Another pro is that due to the bodyweight training you don’t need any accessory. Freeletics can be done with your favourite sport cloth and a big towel, that’s it!

Who should try Freeletics!
It doesn’t matter if you want to define your body, lose weight or gain muscle. Freeletics can be used for all of those things. The high level of diversity in this sport is perfect for beginners but also for professionals as you can control your workouts perfectly! Everybody who is keen to give this sport a try should do so!

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