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It can be hard to change from On to Off – Season when it comes to Bodybuilding, especially as nutrition plays a huge role! We bring you some helpful tips for Building Mass In The Off – Season. We already told you something about the different ways of having carbs depending on if you define or build muscle.

What is Off – Season about?
When summer’s over most athletes change to Off – Season which is all about building muscle to define it later on again. It is really about gaining as much mass as you can and to improve your physics. This is important to keep in mind as you will also have to exercise special muscles which you neglected throughout summer. The best thing about Off – Season is the fact that you can stop counting calories, as you need as much mass as possible to gain the muscle you want!

Nutrition during the Off –Season!
1. Have enough carbs! It is tremendously important to take enough carbs as they help you process your proteins and thus build muscles in your body. For further information check out our article about carbs!
2. Have enough calories! Most of you are used to taking care of your calories to not gain too much weight. This thinking is over during Off – Season ass those calories make your body gain more mass. This is the most important stuff for your muscles during Off – Season! The more mass you gain the more muscles you can train!
3. Have foods of high quality! Of course you can have those cheat days where you stick to fast food but keep in mind that it is rather about healthy fats, complex carbs and light meat to make your body gain weight rather than unhealthy fats coming from burgers. Your weight should be developed by muscles not by fat!

The Training during Off – Season!
There are two important facts about the training during Off – Season!
1. Your workout plan between On – and Off – Season doesn’t have huge differences! The only thing that’s different is that your body will have a higher volume to train and therefor your workouts can be more intense! Off – Season will bring your body a higher energy and more mass which makes it easier to train special muscle groups.
2. As mentioned in the article about mistakes when building muscle, it is of great importance that your body gets the regeneration it needs! The development of your muscles does not happen in the gym. It happens while you sleep and rest. And as the mass you develop during Off – Season shall develop to muscles as soon as possible make sure you get enough rests!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of the Off – Season!
The biggest advantage of the Off – Season is the quick development of your muscles, your stamina and your power. Another nice side effect is that you can eat way more than in the On – Season.  But keep in mind that the rapid change in nutrition can sometimes lead to a high blood pressure. This and the bigger amount of mass may also challenge your body more than usual in the beginning.

Hopefully this first introduction for your next Off – Season was helpful. We are more than happy for some comments and some inspiration in the comment section.

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