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Many of you are trying to work on your condition but sometimes it’s hard to overcome the lack of motivation. We understand that Running For Beginners can be hard. That’s why we have some helpful tips for everyone to enjoy your frequent run! As usual keep safe, therefor also check out our tips for the right stretching here!

The right cloth for running
Before running people always wonder what to wear. For beginners it is pretty easy. Chose the jogging pants you like and that make you feel comfy. When it gets a little more serious you can also go for a leggings or running tights. As a top chose a loose t-shirt. When it comes to shoes make sure you get the right damping as beginners need to feel light to enjoy the frequent run. For further information check out our link for the right trainers here. Also make sure you don’t use your old trainers as they are used and can’t give you the right feeling for you feed.

The right running track
Beginners should always look for a soft ground to run on, like in a forest. Also chose the track that makes you feel good, as running will easily free your mind. If you chose a hard track, like concrete, don’t  forget to run with a light shoe with enough damping. The length of the track should be between 8 to 10 kilometres for beginners.

The right tempo
Scientists found that 15 minutes three times a week are already leading to a better health when it comes to running. Although most of you are looking to run more often, 3 times a week is enough. For beginners it is recommended to try to run 30 minutes. The tempo should vary between 6 to 8 minutes per kilometre with a 1-minute break between each kilometre. You can gradually get faster and run longer. Try to run a little quicker each session.  The golden rule for your tempo for every beginner is that you shall not challenge your body too much as your stamina must develop gradually.

The right motivation
There are a couple of types of motivation for running. Try the right type of music. Many people listen to strong and quick music, which is not always the best way to motivate yourself as it brings you to run quicker than you should. Chose the music that motivates you to run with the right tempo. Another way to motivate you is to find a right partner for running. It is always easier to fight the boredom for beginners if you find the right partner to talk to. But make sure you don’t talk too much as it draws you back from keeping the right tempo.

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