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The days get colder and we all know the feeling of not wanting to miss out on our daily run. The good news is we don’t have to. With some simple tricks running in winter will be as fun as in summer.

What is so special about running in winter?
There are some thing that you have to consider when going on a run in winter. The most important one is the ground you are running on. That’s why the shoe you are running with is very important. The temperature is another important thing to keep in mind if you want to prevent your body from any kind of injuries. The last special thing about running in winter might sound familiar but a lot of people forget about it. Always make sure that people can see you by wearing reflectors on your body. If you keep those things in mind, running in winter will strengthen your immune system and will bring you hormones of happiness. Those hormones will bring you through the cold and dark season of the year, for sure!

The special ground in winter
It doesn’t matter if it rains or snows the ground tends to be slippery. Additionally, the darkness will make it harder for you to detect the status of the ground. The prevent yourself from falling make sure you use a show with a thick sole and a well established profile. Also keep in mind to run on those tracks that you know well to give you a certain security.

The different temperatures in winter
Don’t worry, the cold temperature will strengthen your immune system if you take care of some things when running in winter. First, keep in mind that your hands and your head are the two most sensitive parts of your body when it comes to coldness. To stop your body from feeling to cold too quickly make sure to use some gloves and a cap. If the temperature is below -5 degrees Celsius also cover your mouth with a scarf or some other thing that stops the cold wind from going straight into your lungs. To not challenge your lungs too much, run a little slower than usually as you stop your lungs from cooling down too quickly.
When it comes to clothing for running in winter there is a golden rule. By time you start running it is okay to feel a little cold as long as you feel warm after a few hundred metres.

The right warm up for running in winter
There is a little difference when it comes to warming up, compared to warming up in summer. Warm up a little longer than usual to prevent your muscles from being challenge by the cold temperature. This will also prevent your muscles from being tense after your workout.  Talking about cooling down it is the exact opposite. Your muscles need less time to relax. The most important thing is to change your wet cloth to warm and dry clothes before doing your last stretches.

To put it in a nutshell: Try to adopt to the cold by considering all those important little facts. Put on some semi warm clothes, wear reflectors and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

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