Today we will tell you something about an upcoming form of workout called TRX. This sport is all about strings, straps and loops. The special thing about TRX is the inelastic strings hanging downwards.

What exactly is TRX and what parts of my body will it train?

What is TRX?
Two Norwegian physiotherapists developed this sport that is also known as suspension training. The core idea of TRX is that you hang your body in a special system of strings. The strings are inelastic as you only work with your body weight to put pressure on your muscles. The advantage of this type of workout is that you also train your muscles near your joints. There are several ways to train your muscles with TRX, we will introduce you to some of them.

What is the effect of TRX and what is needed? 
TRX was developed together with US Marines. The main aim is to improve your coordination and stamina as this sport takes a lot of self control. Additionally, the exercises will train more muscles than other sports as you can choose yourself what kind of exercises you do with the strings. TRX will surely bring you a classical and modern weight workout.
To train TRX you will need the loop system that you can either buy online or find it in the gym. The advantage of the portable strings that you can train your muscles wherever you feel comfortable. The strings are between two and three metres long and should have the same length when they fall from the roof. A session of TRX shall roughly be about 20 minutes. Don’t forget to warm up beforehand.

The different types of TRX workouts
1. TRX while standing up: This way you can train your muscles by hanging your arms into the strings. The level of difficulty depends on the angle of your arms.
2. Floating: You can hang your arms into the strings and pull up your legs. This way you can strengthen your leg muscles. Those types of workouts require a very good body coordination.
3. TRX while laying on the ground: While laying on the ground you can put your legs into the strings and workout on your back and leg muscles.
There are hundreds of different workouts when training TRX those are just a few basics. Keep reading for some information about the best way to learn TRX.

Who should do TRX and what are the risks?
Basically everybody can do TRX. Keep in mind that it is a big challenge. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you will soon realize that it can get difficult as the strings are very unstable. This is also the risk. If you are not very sporty you can easily get injured. So do not forget to warm up beforehand.

The best way to get started with TRX
TRX is a very new type of sport. We would not recommend to buy the strings straight away. Get used to TRX beforehand in your gym. There are heaps of places that offer courses to get used to the sport. After some guided session you can think of buying the strings and try all those different exercises outside or wherever you are.

We hope that you liked this first overview of TRX. After you get used to the hard and unstable exercises you will find out that it is worth the fight.

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