Today we will introduce you to the huge trend called Yoga! What is it all about, where does it come from and what does it help my body with?

A huge trend from India!
The word ‘Yoga’ means to bind together or to tense. Officially Yoga is an Indian philosophy that combines mental exercises with body oriented exercises. Yoga is said to be calming and to improve your body control. It really depends on which exercise you aim to do. Yoga how we know it in the western part of the world is a modification of the original from India and sometimes doesn’t have anything to do with it anymore.

The right types of Yoga
As there are hundreds of types of Yoga we can only aim to bring you a little overview about the different type. There is for example a type called Kundalini Yoga, which means that you perform stretching routines that are combined with meditation. This type shall help you to find your inner peach. Bikram Yoga is perfomed in rooms that are up to 40 degrees hot and shall help your muscles to relax and to improve for further workouts. In most of the cases Yoga aims to find the best body control by practicing strict stretching and moving very slowly not giving up the stretching. Your condition will improve too as a certain type of effort is needed to do Yoga.

Who should do Yoga?
Yoga can do everyone, it is speficically made for everyone who seeks to calm down and to improve body control. Especially people who work hard and students find their inner peace with Yoga.
Beginners should not try to do Yoga on their own with DVD’s or books as a certain knowledge about the sport is essential. Try to find Yoga schools that offer free trials. Those trials are perfect to see if you found the right type of Yoga and the right teacher.
Gradually you will begin to see what form of Yoga is best for you so you can start performing Yoga wherever you want to. It can really be done everywhere and can therefor help you to relax after a hard day, to improve your body control and the relax your muscles.

The right clothing for Yoga
There is only one answer to this question. Simply wear what makes you feel happy and relaxed. A sport leggings and nice T-Shirt are fine. Make sure the clothes are not too loose as they only put pressure on your body.

Give Yoga a try as we are sure that it will help you to be balanced. Hit us in the comment section if there are any further questions.

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