The Colorful And Healthy Basil Pasta

  • The Colorful And Healthy Basil Pasta
  • The Colorful And Healthy Basil Pasta is full of vitamins. This fitness pasta will fill you up with heaps of carbs and proteins to make sure you achieve great success in the gym!

Nutrient *

  • calories: 104.7 kcal
  • carbohydrates: 12.5 g
  • protein: 5.8 g
  • fat: 3.2 g

* per 100g


  • Servings: 1 servings
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes


Servings: servings


  1. At first cut the garlic, the capsicum, the mushrooms, the zucchini and the basil into small pieces.
  2. Now sweat the garlic for about 4 minutes in a hot pan. Afterwards add the prawns for about 10 minutes.
  3. At that stage start to boil the pasta in some salted water for about 10 minutes. By times the prawns get a nice golden color add the veggies, a knifepoint of bouillon powder, the basil and some more salt and pepper.
  4. Let all the ingredients fry for about 5 minutes. Get rid of the watery liquid that the veggies set free. Afterwards add the boiled pasta and the basil oil to the dish.
  5. At last give the pasta a nice stir and finally fry everything for another 3 minutes. Bestfitnessrecipes hopes you'll enjoy your meal!

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