Our 5 Best Low Carb Recipes


We already brought you a couple of articles about Low Carb in generell. Today we want to show you Our 5 Best Low Carb Recipes to bring you some inspiration for your upcoming diets. As you know Low Carb is all about avoiding carbs as far as possible to avoid unnecessary fats. Carbs are responsible for your body weight in combination with insulin. So check out those recipes to work against this effect.

Our 5 Best Low Carb Recipes

  1. The Low Carb Chicken Bruschetta will bring you some nice Italian flavors without too many carbs. Only 2.1 gram of carbs per 10 gram speak for itself. This recipe is perfect for your next dinner party with your friends! They will be surprised about your cooking skills!
  2. The Protein Prawns In A Spicy Garlic Oil will be a perfect entree! With only 3.3 gram of carbs per 100 gram this is a perfect fitness recipe to save on carbs. Additionally this dish will surprise you with rich and balanced flavors!
  3. The Protein Chicken Omelette With Tomatoes And Zucchini is a breakfast that will give you a great start into the day without a huge amount of carbs. 0.7 gram of carbs is a really low amount and will therefor fill your body with heaps of proteins for your muscles without the unnecessary carbs.
  4. The Low Carb Pork Fillet With Mushrooms is a complete meal without unnecessary carbs. So if you are looking for the right dish to serve as a lunch or dinner for your and your friends from the gym this will be a perfect fitness recipe that will save you some carbs!
  5. The Low Carb Cordon Bleu With A Light Salad is another full dish with some mixed flavors. This fitness recipe is just perfect if you are looking for a dish that will bring you heaps of proteins and vitamins without any unhealthy carbs. Only 1 gram of carbs per 100 gram is perfect for any low carb diet!

Try those recipes to have some nice fitness recipe and to save some carbs. Let us know what you think!

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